How to Relocate With Your Kids – Part 2

Attitude with Kids during Relocation

Welcome back for the second part of my article about relocating with kids. In the first part, I discussed how you should start by telling your kids gradually but early. I also discussed why you should tell them early and take your bigger kids or teenaged kids in confidence. This part will discuss another important aspect that is related with your kids – your attitude towards them.


Focus Your Attitude: Mood of adults must be calm and focused and should imply the kids to take the relocation as an adventure.

Avoid depression: Don’t look stressed out. Frustrated or stressed attitude will generate negative response from kids. It’s only natural that when look anxious, your kids will also look dull and uneasy.

Avoid kids fearing the unknown: People fear what they don’t know and kids are no exception. Provide them all the necessary details about the move in an exciting manner telling them how many adventures await them on the moving day.

Discuss the move and the events: Developing your kids’ interest is more or less the key in every aspect. By informing the kids about new community, new home and the things that will happen during the move, you will do just that – generate his interest.

Entertain their questions: Encourage your kids to ask questions. When the kids express their feelings and you will entertain their questions, the communication barrier will narrow down and you will find the kids to be more cooperative than before. Addressing their concerns meaningfully, attentively and lovingly will increase their comfort level and you will find them more relaxed and better prepared.


If you want to change the kids’ attitude, you will have to change yours first. Remember, the kids look up to their elders. When elder siblings and parents show confident and enthusiastic attitude, the kids will develop same feelings based on their gestures and appearances.

That’s it for now. The next part will cover how to engage the kids in relocation. That will be a really exciting topic for parents and I hope you will visit that blog post as well.

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