How to Relocate With Your Kids – Part 4

with Teenagers

It was only yesterday they used to stumble upon things while walking. Today, some of them stand taller than you. Kids grow fast and parents hardly notice it until they feel a sudden discomfort in their personalities. The previous parts have covered the attitude you should have when dealing with juniors. But teenagers can pose a challenging situation in certain cases too.


Following are some tips about your attitude with your teenaged kids, particularly during distressed times like moving.

Deal with their emotions first

Teenage is an unpredictable phase in life. You must check and deal with every teenager’s emotion. Deal with their sadness, nervousness, anger and/or frustration. Their problems and concerns can also get worse after relocation is complete, so be prepared for anything and everything.

Avoid generalizations and solve their problems

Be honest, able and respective of your teenaged kids. Do not make any promises you cannot keep. Try to understand their problems. Teenagers don’t like a bossy attitude, so try to be friendly. Friendly attitude can work wonders, especially teens.

mother-and-teenage daughter-talking-happy

Involve them in the move

When you give them a taste of responsibility, they will better understand your intentions.  Make them feel an important part of the move that has a say. This will stop the negative feeling of being left-out or ignored.

Take their feedback

Taking their feedback is essential. Teenage is a complex age and the behavior is often incomprehensible. When you take their feedback after every important step, they will feel more confident and will show less perplexing attitude during the move.

That all about the teenagers. Hope you will join me again next time for fifth part as we will discuss the new community or home prior to the move.


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